How to Relax Your Body and Calm Your Mind

In today’s fast-paced life, where you are running from place to place, trying to meet deadlines and coping with the growing demands of your job and home, relaxation has indeed become a luxury few can afford.

However, your mind and body need occasional bouts of rest to be able to perform well which is a better way to rest than to simply learn a few relaxation techniques.

These are simple, can be done anywhere and have the desired result.

There are exercises to cure you of your stiff muscles or if you’ve been working too long on a computer and your eyes are hurting because of the strain, you can relax those too. Here’s how to:

Relax your eyes:

  • Sit with your head squarely on your shoulders and widen your eyes as much as you can.
  • Keep your head still and raise your eyes to look towards the ceiling. Hold this position for a slow count of 5.
  • Now roll your eyes slowly round to your right. Focus on something and hold it for a slow count of 5.
  • Keeping your head still, roll your eyes down, focus and hold for a slow count of 5.
  • Now roll your eyes to the left, focus and hold for a slow count of 5.
  • Roll your eyes upwards again and repeat in the other direction.
  • Finally, close your eyes and let your head and shoulders relaxed.

Here is another relaxation exercise to soothe all those areas of your body which get tense.

First, close your eyes and quieten your body and mind. Focus on different parts of your body.


  • Lift your shoulders. When you feel the muscles really tense hold the position for five seconds and then release.
  • Pull the shoulders down and hold for five seconds and release.
  • Now focus on the right arm.
  • Bend the arm back at the elbow until the biceps feels tense, hold for five seconds and release.

Buttocks: Clench your muscles. Hold and then release.

Abdomen: Pull in the muscles as tightly as possible. Hold then release.


  • Tilt the head forward, feeling tension on the back of the neck.
  • Hold then release.
  • Tilt the head to the left, feeling tension on the right.
  • Hold then release.
  • Do the same for the right side.


  • Clench your fist.
  • Hold then release.
  • Stretch your fingers and thumbs out.
  • Hold then release.
Point your toes away from your body

# While relaxing, let your body relax. Breathe slowly, taking shallow breaths from the abdomen.


  • Point your toes away from your body.
  • Feel the thigh muscles.
  • Stretch them.
  • Hold, then release.
  • Bend the foot in at the ankle until the calf is tense.
  • Hold then release.
  • Curl the toes and arch the foot.
  • Hold then release.

# Think of a pleasant experience or an event in your life that makes you feel good.

# Imagine yourself walking along the beach, water lapping around your ankles and your feet gently sinking in the sand.


  • Clench your jaw as tightly as possible.
  • Hold, then release.
  • Smile broadly.
  • Hold then release.
  • Close the eyes tightly.
  • Hold, then release.
  • Raise the eyebrows.
  • Hold, then release.


You are feeling warm and relaxed. Stay with that feeling and image for five minutes.

Open your eyes and stretch. Spend a few quiet minutes simply enjoying the feeling of calm.

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