Sleeping experience

Sleeping Experience

Do you know that you spend about one-third of your life sleeping? Sleep allows your body to recharge its batteries to face another tough day ahead. It is while you are asleep that your mind and body repair the damage during the day. When you deprive of sleep, the physical and mental effects quickly become apparent. A lack of sleep will lead to physical exhaustion and a range of psychological effects, such as increased irritability and inability to concentrate. Research shows that when it comes to sleep, quality rather than quantity appears to be the main issue. Stress is one…

relaxation techniques

Relaxation Techniques

A hobby or interest that relaxes you can be a constructive way of relieving stress. Relaxation is not too time-consuming or taxing that it becomes a source of your stress in itself.  If you are stressed, choose an activity that relaxes rather than stimulates you.  Relaxation is a skill like other skills. It can learn that induces feelings of calm and well-being while allowing you to remain in control.  There is a wide variety of relaxation techniques which can provide a stressful mind with many benefits: First of all, It is simple and easy to do Secondly, Increases self-awareness of…

what to eat to beat stress

What to eat to beat stress

Not only does the kind of food you eat make a difference but also the way you eat it. Please see below how you can improve your eating habits and get rid of your stress : Eat a variety of foods: Variety in your diet will make fewer the likelihood of a deficiency or an excess of any single nutrient. Eat slowly: Do not try to gobble your food – it will only make your stomach do more work and result in indigestion. Slow eating will help you digest food better and avoid weight gain. Eat regularly: Do not eat…

tips on how to eat better and live better

Tips to eat better and live better

Do you get stressed often?Are you chilled out? Believe it or not, but the way you live, the way you think and even what you eat determines to extent stress levels. If you are highly stressed out, and no stress management technique seems to be working for you, then maybe you need to change your lifestyle. Various factors need to be looked into while considering a change in lifestyle. Some key factors include: How and what you eat?How and when you exercise?What is your sleep pattern?What is your relaxation routine?How best do you manage your time?What are the various support…

How does a Massage help you

How does a Massage help you

A massage is a perfect way to pamper yourself and get rid of all the stress and strain that has become a part of today’s life.

It also recommended for curing numerous aches, pains and ailments, that earlier could be treated only through medication.

Popping a painkiller is often the easiest thing to do to cure that nagging headache but do you know that these could endanger your health in the long term?

Painkillers are composed of salts that can harm different parts of your body such as the liver, kidneys and the digestive system. Try a massage instead and feel the difference.

Your skin:

A facial today is recommended for everyone over the age of 30 as it rejuvenates the skin. Your face is the first to show signs of ageing, pollution and unhealthy eating habits.

A massage increases the blood circulation that helps to tone up the skin and gives it its elasticity and strength. It thus keeps wrinkles away.

Many degenerative problems too have been fought away with massages. …

Self Massage

How to do Self Massage

You can massage any specific area that you feel is tense, such as the scalp,

the back of the neck, temples, shoulders, hands, lower back, calves and feet.

Self-massage is particularly helpful in relieving aches and pains accumulated during the day, like headache or tired feet.

It is better if you can work directly on the skin but it not necessary.

Massaging while having a bath or watching television is ideal.

Here’s how you can massage different parts of your body:

The power of massage

Know the Power of Massage

Remember how your baby gurgled with joy when you massaged his soft petal-like skin,

and the way he slept contentedly in your arms after you had finished.

A massage is one of the first contacts a newborn has with the world.

Yes, it is the power of touch that shapes our lives from the very beginning.

A massage is the most basic manifestation of touch as it soothes, calms and imparts warmth and caring.

It is a silent communication of affection and understanding between two individuals and a widely practiced form of stress management.

Beat stress with exercise

How to beat Stress with Exercise

Stress can get a lot worse, though, and if bottled up, can be a potent and disruptive force in the healthy functioning of your body and mind.

It can manifest itself into various forms. It knots in your neck, butterflies in your stomach, irritability, and fatigue.

There is no better remedy than physical activity to release accumulated tension.

Every hour that you sit or lie around instead of being active shortens your life.

Physical exercise is as essential to life as is food and water. It is indispensable if you want to stay healthy and happy.

You do not have to be a fitness fanatic, but you can build your defenses against stress by exercising.

What are the AdvantaWhat are the Advantages Of Exerciseges Of Exercise

What are the Advantages Of Exercise

Gene Tunney said – “To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.” So, don’t you think exercises are necessary for you? How often have you heard that? Probably, more times than you would care to remember. But did you know that regular exercising can do wonders for your mind, body and soul? Here’s how: Exercise enhances physical well-being, such as: Firstly, reduces high blood pressure and the chance of getting any other heart-related problems, Secondly, increases physical strength and stamina, and Thirdly, tones up the muscles and keeps the joints supple, encourages good posture and improves the figure.…

Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Aim to do at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. If you can’t do very strenuous exercise, go walking. Create an effort to integrate it into your daily routine. How many of you walk to the market for your daily groceries? It’s just so easy to pick up the phone and order for home delivery. Next time, walk. Another way you could build exercise into your routine is at the office. Instead of using the intercom or the e-mail, get up and walk a little. It will help you stretch your legs, and stop your body from rusting. Another…