Causes of Stress

Causes of Stress

A few causes that leave you stressed are;

Deadlines at work,
A tiff at home,
Rising expenditure,
Unpaid bills,
Over-expectations from yourself,
A change in job,
A nagging boss,
An unstable government and
Corruption in your country.

Besides, a high-pressure job, a monotonous life or sudden and unexpected events such as accidents or deaths can also produce stress in individuals.

And besides these external factors, it is your hopes, fears, expectations and beliefs that determine how you will react to change.

Some of you may perceive pressures related to family as more serious, while others may find decision-making and job pressures as more stressful.

Events in your life are another major source of stress. Negative and positive life events can both be stressful but

here also you play an important role along with the environment because your perception of the event and your capability to adapt to it decide the extent of your stress.

Other reasons that could cause you to be stressed out are high expectations posed on yourself and too many and too little demands on yourself.

If the demands are too many, then you will not be able to cope with them and will breakdown.

Similarly, if the demands are too less this may lead to boredom which will again lead to stress.

While stress is a part of everyone’s life, it can often take an extreme form leading to pessimism, negative thoughts and decreased efficiency.

In some cases, it can also lead to deep-seated frustration and depression.

However, an understanding of how stress operates and what circumstances bring it on can help you cope up with it.

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