How does a Massage help you

How does a Massage help you

A massage is a perfect way to pamper yourself and get rid of all the stress and strain that has become a part of today’s life.

It also recommended for curing numerous aches, pains and ailments, that earlier could be treated only through medication.

Taking a painkiller is often the easiest thing to do to cure that nagging headache.

But do you know that these could endanger your health in the long term?

Painkillers are composed of salts that can harm different parts of your body such as the liver, kidneys and the digestive system.

Try a massage instead and feel the difference.

Your skin

A facial today is recommended for everyone over the age of 30 as it rejuvenates the skin.

Your face is the first to show signs of ageing, pollution and unhealthy eating habits.

A massage increases the blood circulation that helps to tone up the skin and gives it its elasticity and strength.

It thus keeps wrinkles away. Many degenerative problems too have been fought away with massages.

Your nervous system

One out of every five persons is said to suffer from back problems and spondylolysis.

A massage is the best way to soothe those tense back muscles.

The spinal cord is home to thousands of nerves travelling from one part of the body to the brain carrying messages, and any stress or discomfort affects it immediately.

A regular massage session combined with proper exercise can help you get over that!

Your muscles

Muscles grow pains, strains and sprains. Pulls in sportspersons, stiffness, calf cramps, menstrual cramps, arthritis pain all these can be effectively cured by a massage.

A massage increases the blood flow in the body and helps eliminate waste products. Thus mobility is improved the muscle toned up.

Your blood circulation

A massage session helps in improving the flow of blood.

It thus can cure many circulatory problems that have no cure in mainstream medicine.

Beat the stress and tiredness

Stress, tiredness and lethargy are issues that all of us live with because of the kind of life we lead. A massage helps you to relax and get your energy levels back up.

So do you need any more reasons to go in for a massage?

All you need to do is make sure you choose the right kind of massage and well-qualified practitioner.

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