The power of massage

Know the Power of Massage

Remember how your baby gurgled with joy when you massaged his soft petal-like skin,

and the way he slept contentedly in your arms after you had finished.

A massage is one of the first contacts a newborn has with the world.

Yes, it is the power of touch that shapes our lives from the very beginning.

A massage is the most basic manifestation of touch as it soothes, calms and imparts warmth and caring.

It is a silent communication of affection and understanding between two individuals and a widely practised form of stress management.

  • Amongst its innumerable advantages,
  • A massage releases tension from tired muscles stimulates blood flow,
  • Eases stress,
  • Helps fluid drainage speeds up the elimination of wastes products by the body, and
  • More importantly, It generates a sense of wholeness and peace.
  • Massage thus increases your sense of well-being, both physically and mentally.

Today, massage is a widely used and accepted technique to help your tired body and mind rejuvenate.

There’s no better remedy than a languorous massage to relieve you of your tension and get rid of your aches and pains.

Aren’t their times when you have had a back-breaking day and wish that you could lie down and have the luxury of a massage?

No need to worry!

You can learn to give yourself a massage by learning a few simple techniques.

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