Treat your back with Reiki

4 Awesome Positions to Treat your Back

Reiki has been used since time immemorial to cure different kinds of problems.

It is safe and easy to learn.

It is probably the only alternative therapy that has been successful in self-treatment of everyday problems.

Reiki does not only help in calming the mind and reducing stress levels but also helps to cure back problems.

Try these easy-to-do exercises and … … …

Take care of your head

Heal the Head

Did you know that? Your head is the place, which controls various aliments, thus if you heal the head. Will you take care of all other ailments? Take care of the head, and you will bid adieu, to cold, headache, flu, earache, asthma, sinus, nausea, circulatory problems, tonsillitis, blood pressure, voice hoarseness and neck pain. Also, you will be able to fight stress and tension, concentrate and clear your mind, fight depression and improve memory. Heal the Head with Reiki The Art of Psychic Reiki: Developing Your Intuitive and Empathic Abilities for Energy Healing Take care of your head The…

how to sleep better and replenish energy

How to sleep better and replenish energy?

Are you suffering from insomnia?Can’t get enough sleep and keep tossing and turning at night? It’s probably because of excessive stress both at home and in the workplace. So what do you do?Pop in a sleeping pill or drink a glass of hot milk? Now try Reiki, the hands-on healing technique to cure your sleep problems. Reiki has several exercises that can help you regain your energies and of course the lost sleep too. If you are doing or have done the First degree in Reiki, then you will be familiar with this exercise. However, even if you are a…

the power of hypnosis

The Power of Hypnosis

Seemingly innocent questions that leave you perplexed and bewildered. The answers are surprisingly simple. Check out here: What is hypnosis and how to do it? It is a state of deep relaxation or a state of heightened awareness, combined with a feeling of calm lethargy. It can be the best described as similar to that state between sleep, Can be wakefulness when you are aware of your surroundings and are willing to move. The characteristics of hypnosis include… a heightened susceptibility to beneficial suggestions and a much-improved memory with access to forgotten or repressed memories stored in the unconscious mind.…

what is self-hypnosis

Steps for practising self-hypnosis

Let’s get into it and know, what actually, self-hypnosis is? Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool to counteract stress and stress-related illnesses. It has been used and proved effective in getting rid of habits such as smoking, drinking, and even overeating. What’s more, it is something you can do yourself at home. So if you truly want to relax and get rid of the stressors in your life, get ready to learn. Getting Started … Before you start self-hypnosis, remember to keep a few tips in mind: Allow at least 20 minutes to enter and deepen the hypnotic state. Don’t worry…

The ABC of Breathing

The ABC of Breathing

Have you ever concentrated on your breathing while going through the daily mundane chores of life? For most of you, breathing is an unconscious activity that you tend to take for granted. You may have noticed that for a lot of activities and sports that you need to concentrate on your breathing. Controlling your breathing is crucial for effective performance. That is why breathing exercises are amongst the most useful and popular relaxation techniques. The more you use this method, the more you will begin to appreciate its effectiveness and reap rich rewards from it. Breathing is one of the…

How to Relax Your Body and Calm Your Mind

In today’s fast-paced life, where you are running from place to place, trying to meet deadlines and coping with the growing demands of your job and home, relaxation has indeed become a luxury few can afford. However, your mind and body need occasional bouts of rest to be able to perform well which is a better way to rest than to simply learn a few relaxation techniques. These are simple, can be done anywhere and have the desired result. There are exercises to cure you of your stiff muscles or if you’ve been working too long on a computer and…

How to breathe correctly

How to Breathe Correctly

Breathing correctly is an art that can be learnt and mastered. Given below are some easy-to-do exercises to help you breathe correctly. At first, you may find them a little uncomfortable. However, with a little practice, you will positively notice a difference in your performance. You need to lie on your back on a flat surface, while you rest your head on a small pillow or a rolled-up towel to give support. Spend a few minutes lying still while you listen to music to distract yourself from your breathing. Now start: Increasing lower lung activity Belly area Place one hand…

Definition of stress

What is the definition of STRESS

Handling a new assignment? Got a meeting with the boss? Giving a presentation? Nervous? Or could be a tight deadline or even a difference of opinion? Do these make you edgy, give you goosebumps, make you question your faith in yourself and often wish this wasn’t happening? Then you are a little under stress, that’s all. Defined as any interference that disturbs a person’s health, mental and physical well-being, stress (from Latin “stringere” which means hardship) occurs when the body is required to perform beyond its normal range of capabilities. It is also known as the non-specific responses of the…