relaxation techniques

Relaxation Techniques

A hobby or interest that relaxes you can be a constructive way of relieving stress.

Relaxation is not too time-consuming or taxing that it becomes a source of your stress in itself. 

If you are stressed, choose an activity that relaxes rather than stimulates you. 

Relaxation is a skill like other skills.

It can learn that induces feelings of calm and well-being while allowing you to remain in control. 

There is a wide variety of relaxation techniques which can provide a stressful mind with many benefits:

  • First of all, It is simple and easy to do
  • Secondly, Increases self-awareness of the effects of stress on the body and mind.
  • Then, It reduces fatigue by increasing awareness of excess muscle tension.
  • Increases confidence in the ability to deal with feelings of anxiety, stress, and panic.
  • Can improve personal relationships.
  • After that, It promotes sleep
  • And It provides an alternative to drugs (prescribed and non-prescribed).

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