Am I Stress Prone

Stress Prone

Didn’t you think all kinds of stress are bad for health and it should avoid?

Well, here’s news for you. Stress can be good too.

Some amount of stress is a part of everyday living.

Small amounts of stress can be a positive force, enabling you to meet your deadlines.

A certain amount of stress acts as a catalyst for achieving optimum performance.

Assume, succeeding at sports, a dance competition, or debates,

Or for that matter, even exams without worrying about competition.

It’s the challenge of coming first and beating the competition that gives you that extra edge and helps you win.

Without the stress of deadlines,

Most of you would not be able to harness your capabilities to the maximum,

And hence would not be able to finish projects or even get to work on time.

Whether your stressful situation is the result of a life change or the effect of everyday hassles,

it is how you respond to it that determines if it is harmful or not.

Stress is good, only up to a point. After that, it becomes a bad stress or distress.

When the level of stress rises beyond a point where you are unable to handle that situation successfully causes distress.

The more distress, the more impaired your functioning will be.

The negative consequences of stress can range from mild psychological distress to serious illnesses depending on the severity of the symptoms.

In extreme cases, stress could lead to death and other health-related problems, such as:

heart problems, increased blood pressure, even depression and suicide.

Statements such as:

`I am no good. I feel I have not achieved anything in my life so far,’

Not only give you a feeling of low self-esteem but could also drive you to chronic depression.

It gives rise to the negative feeling of dissatisfaction, sadness, hopelessness, conflict, helplessness, irritation, anger and confusion,

Which in turn; lower your resistance to stress, making you more vulnerable to various mental disturbances and diseases.

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