what to eat to beat stress

What to eat to beat stress

Not only does the kind of food you eat make a difference but also the way you eat it.

Please see below how you can improve your eating habits and get rid of your stress :

Eat a variety of foods:

Variety in your diet will make fewer the likelihood of a deficiency or an excess of any single nutrient.

Eat slowly:

Do not try to gobble your food – it will only make your stomach do more work and result in indigestion. Slow eating will help you digest food better and avoid weight gain.

Eat regularly:

Do not eat just because you are bored or have no time for anything else. Make eating a pleasurable activity.

Eat frequent meals:

If you are stressed, eat small meals and it should be frequent.

Do not eat if you are angry:

Rather, communicate/share your feelings. When you are tired or angry divert your mind. Go for a bath, drink lemon juice. Only once you feel better, go, and eat your meal.

Do not eat while watching TV:

Or reading, or else you will tend to overeat.

Avoid fats:

Too much fat can lead to heart diseases. Your diet should only contain 30 percent fat.

Avoid sugar:

Especially if you are under stress, It provides nothing but calories.

Avoid salt:

Take 5gms of salt per day. Excessive salt intake is a major health hazard for people with high blood pressure.

Take vitamins and mineral supplements:

When you are under stress, you require more of all the vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B. Deficiencies in the vitamin B, C, and calcium/magnesium are linked to stress-related symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, depression, and fatigue.

You are what you eat, maybe an adage but, it couldn’t be nearer to the truth. Follow these eating habits and say bye to stress.

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